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A Safe Place 🫶🏼

As an experienced Child Care Provider, Preschool Teacher & Mother. I understand the importance of providing safe, fun, and effective childcare for your little ones. Please feel free to reach out  with any questions!


The Kiddos Call me Ms. J 😎

My Background

I’ve been a licensed childcare provider for 3 years now! I took a little time off to gain the experience and continue my education and have just approached my first year as a preschool teacher ! 
I’ve had the pleasure of studying at  Grossmont college and San Diego city College for ECE and gained my teaching experience in a Montessori and traditional classroom setting ! 
It’s important that we as educators keep the creativity and imagination going while they are young. Children learn best through play but also through the MIND, BODY & SOUL ! 
I look foward to connecting with you guys ! I’m forever grateful that you’ve chosen me as your safe place ! So much gratitude and love! 🫶🏼🫶🏼

My Services

The Best Care for Your Child


Infant Care 

I understand the importance of caring for your children in a safe and effective way. With all of the services I provide, you can rest assured that your children are in good hands. Please get in touch with any questions or concerns.


Preschool Curriculum 

I offer a play-based program where children learn through engaging with myself, their peers, parents, materials and hands-on activities. Early literacy and math skills, as well as learning strategies necessary for later school success are taught through both teacher-planned and child-initiated curricula.



Neurodivergent children are more than welcome. I am a mother to a child with Autism, I did myself and him a service by diving deep into child development. What way to better understand a child right then to get the education on it. Inclusion is very important for neurodivergent and neurotypical children, in life we have to be able to coexist to a point where everyone feels included ! I’ve been there where I’ve had to choose a daycare for my own son and was nervous that he wouldn’t feel included or the teacher would have lack of knowledge and not know how to accommodate his needs! I take pride in parents bringing me their children who may be a little different than others ! 

What the parents have to say ! 

“So thankful for you and your Daycare❤️“

Cameron Casanova 

“Highly recommend”

Qiaria Janaeah 

“I will definitely be bringing Royal back. Amazing with my son!”

Indigo Thomas 

“I’ve never felt more comfortable with my children being somewhere. Thank you so much for that . I’m so glad I locked in with you cause I can tell they truly enjoyed their stay . Thanks again”

Katerria Spears 

Creativity At its Finest


Contact me 

Please get in touch to set up a time and day to tour! I would be more than happy to accommodate any special requests, or specific family needs.

Thanks for submitting!

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